Savemore is a scam

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I purchased TWO separate deals from and received neither of them- a gift card from Barnes and Noble, and a weight scale from I called savemore's customer service line numerous times (more than 20) but am always automatically prompted to leave a message that supposedly will be returned. Savemore does not have an email address to contact. I contacted livethin's customer service phone number as well as email address on multiple occasions, none of which were answered.

I finally contacted the Better Business Bureau in both cases and even the BBB couldn't get a response from either nor The fact that neither company even returned multiple phone calls from the BBB says that a call back for a single customer is highly unlikely.

Luckily I am with a great bank and my credit card was refunded the charges for both purchases.

Once, I'd be annoyed; twice, I'd be suspicious; having the BBB not be able to get a hold of them, I'd definitely call both companies a scam.

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I have been dealing with the exact same thing!Two people also used my referral link to purchase Barnes and Noble cards and neither of them was received.

I then ordered the scale which never arrived. I have called both companies numerous times, sent emails, you name it..

no response!The company is a scam

Savemore ripoff - never received gift card paid for.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 0 comments offered a gift card at discounted rate.I paid for it, but never received it.

I've called their customer service number three times, and each time was put on hold for awhile, and then message came on saying, "Please leave a message and we'll contact you." They never have. I have tried emailing them through their Facebook account: no reply. I'm out of options. Mistakes happen, and I understand that, but if you can't reach a company AT ALL there is no recourse to fix the problem.

DON'T TRUST THEM! Incidentally, at the time I purchased this gift card, my daughter and her friend did as well.

My daughter had no problem receiving hers, her friend had a problem but somehow ended up getting it (I think they might have been answering their phones then), but for me, nothing.I think I will next try calling them every single day...

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